Our Invitation to You.  Take our Agreements Health Check survey to assess the health of your group’s agreements that affect the abundance of resources, harmony of interactions, and vibrancy of value you experience. You can do this for a group at work or play, your friends, your community, or your family.  For our international visitors, the survey has been translated into many languages.

What We Already Know.  Based on 20+ years of experience, meetings with hundreds of groups, and survey responses from over 4,100 people in 125 countries, we know two things:  (1) everyone wants to work in a group with healthier agreements that gets better outcomes; and (2) there are, right now, thousands and thousands (and we believe more) of these groups with much healthier agreements, finding new ways to work within their organization.  See our May 11, 2015 updated analysis of the survey results.

One thing is clear, these high vibrancy groups are finding new agreements that work more efficiently and effectively than generally accepted practices.  These groups exist in every configuration — every field, every organizational type, every country.  If you are one of them, we want to find you, help you find each other (because you are not alone in figuring this all out), and learn from you, to help other groups move into healthier agreements.


Take the Agreements Health Check survey (about 12 minutes) in one of the following languages.

Cuestionario Detallado de la Salud de Sus Acuerdos (Español)

Ervaring van verhoudings-oorvloed opname (Afrikaans)

Agreements Health Check Detailed Survey (English)

HV Gedetailleerde vragenlijst (Nederlands)

HV 詳細なアンケート (日本人)

Questionnaire Résonnance Harmonique (Français)

Umfrage Harmonic Vibrancy (Deutsch)

Гармонический резонанс. опросник (русский)

مطالعه جامع HV (فارسی)


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