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Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Aligning, and Leveraging Strategic Resources (free online course)

Managing from Clarity (10 sessions) This course develops your capacity to identify, align, and leverage strategic resources. This course is a companion to the book Managing from Clarity.  Parts of this course are conceptual and parts are quite technical.  Through this course, you will learn how to (1) map an organization’s strategy systemically, (2) identify strategic […]

Managing from Clarity: Identifying, Aligning and Leveraging Strategic Resources

In searching for the organizational ‘magic’ that makes some businesses thrive and other fail, management gurus, academic seers and business leaders strive to articulate a single reason for success. Managers are then faced with analyzing numerous findings and trying to integrate the best elements from each view that makes sense to them. Managing from Clarity […]

Evaluating Epidemic Intervention Strategies with Systems Thinking: A Case Study of Dengue in Mexico

In developing national epidemiological control strategies, understanding the environment in which an epidemic develops, the complex interrelationships of the relevant variables and their resulting behavior requires responsible health decision makers to develop comprehensive, effective policies. Systemic decision models can help managers understand the impact of alternative strategies for addressing disasters such as national epidemics. This […]

Las Organizaciones Inteligentes en la Toma de Decisiones en Salud: El Caso del Dengue

Las Organizaciones Inteligentes (OI) son un instrumento de gran ayuda para organizar y conducir acciones de vigilancia, prevención y control. Son tecnología de punta en la administración; permiten generar esquemas del comportamiento de estructuras y políticas de organizaciones, describen sistématicamente problemas e integran modelos computarizados. Con esto se desarrollan pensamientos sistémicos; producen una visión compartida; […]