Masters — Economic Lens (How Much)

At the end of this session, you will be able to describe and apply the economics lens of “how much” in forming the Agreements Evidence Map.

Prior Preparation

Before we come together, I ask that you prepare the following materials to maximize (1) your readiness to engage and share your story, and (2) to build on the stories of the other participants.


We will spend time experiencing, reflecting, sharing, framing, questioning, coaching, and internalizing what we have learned about the deeper essence of what Homo lumens sees through the lens of “how much.”


The following schedule lays out the general path we will walk together.

  • July 7
    • Welcome
    • Overview of abundance – historical and current views
    • Lunch – Your experience of “how much” lens – how much do you see
    • Sharing
    • Your experience of “how much” typical frames see
    • Sharing
    • Your experience of “how much” Homo lumens sees
    • Sharing
  • July 8
    • Welcome back
    • Reflections since yesterday
    • Frame for Economic Lens – its evolution, initial gesture of current view
    • Reflections on implications of framing – assumptions, practice
    • Sharing
    • Frame for Economic Lens – perspectives, questions
    • Lunch – reflections on implications of framing – assumptions, practice
    • Sharing
    • Spacial dynamics experience of “how much” Homo lumens experiences
    • Using the frames – what evidence would we look for?
    • Sharing
    • Using the frames – apply to case study
    • Sharing
  • July 9
    • Welcome back
    • Reflections from first two days
    • Deeper assumptions and questions underlying Economic Lens of how much
    • Lunch – putting Economic Lens into practice
    • Sharing applications of Economic Lens
    • Synthesis of Economic Lens, integrated into Agreements Evidence Map, describing our experience of human interactions
    • Next steps