From economic collapse, multiple wars, and deepening political divides to climate change, peak oil, healthcare costs, and extreme poverty, humanity is in the process of an economic, political, social, psychological, spiritual collapse. From one perspective, the way things are today is certainly not working.

However, this can also be seen as an opportunity for great breakthroughs. As one system of agreements breaks down, another emerges. If indeed there are hundreds of thousands of collectives globally experimenting with new agreements based on new principles — as this website will suggest — then it is time for a “naming.” That is, a naming of the details of what is now beginning to appear, so that it can be seen more clearly; so that the new, emerging rules can be described, and we can learn more readily from our successes and failures.

As a framework, Ecosynomics is a model of health that describes what people are learning about how to move from lower to higher harmony, vibrancy, and abundance. Harmony of interaction results in deep collaboration. Vibrancy of value experienced leads to deeper relationships. Abundance of resources sustains the life force of the group.
There is a wealth of information on ecosynomics freely available for you on this site.