Leslie Ritchie-Dunham

Director of Creativity

My vision for ISC’s potential:

My primary interest lies in understanding my own, and thus others, place in the world. From “place” as literally the space that we occupy in the material sense – our place and space around and within us – to “place” as our offering out into the world – our placeholder for taking up space, so to speak. What do we add to the world by being here? What is the experience of being both a human being (body/space) and a spiritual being (soul/space), and the creation bridge that we are between these seemingly different worlds.

I believe that our place (in all its meanings) derives from the fundamental agreements that we have with ourselves and the universe and thus, by extension, the agreements that we have with others individually and in community. These often unconscious agreements are the underlying basis of human life and community as we know it here on earth. As we bring all of these agreements to light, we can make more conscious choices about our lives and about creating the future we desire together for ourselves and ongoing generations.

ISC, through the Harmonic Vibrancy and Ecosynomic work, is our placeholder in the world to bring these agreements to light for everyone’s understanding and use.

My recent professional work and key accomplishments:

An architect by training, during the past 7 years (once my youngest hit first grade) I have worked in residential design and general contracting. My design focus in working with clients is to co-create their “home” in the fullest sense.

My biggest accomplishment, however, remains my family. I support, in constant awe, the burgeoning inner and outer lives of our two teenagers. And I nourish and am nourished in return as my husband and I continue our parallel work together.

My main interests and other voluntary activities:

Please see above. Basically I find people and the world wonderfully interesting and enjoy the conversation.

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