Comision Estatal de Aguas de Queretaro (water systems in Mexico)

Comision Estatal de Aguas de Queretaro with Conrado Garcia Madrid

The Comision Estatal de Aguas de Queretaro project in 2006, with follow up in 2016, worked with the governmental agency leaders and some of their stakeholders to shift their strategy.  This project involved coordination with a simultaneous reengineering project, and culminated in a table of direct action plans for each area within the commission, using a results-based management approach to measurement and action planning.

Initial Project Description
In this 17-minute exploration, Conrado provides an overview of this strategic process, initial insights, key experiences or shifts in the participants, and innovations in working with other a reengineering processes and in grounding the strategic systems insights into action plans for a results-based management approach.

Video (or audio-only version)

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